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How to say my in Spanish

On this page, we look at how to say my in Spanish. The information here will also help us to say other related words (like your, his) in Spanish.

In English, the word my doesn't change its form depending on the following word. In particular, we can use it either with a singular noun (e.g. my book) or a plural noun (my books).

In Spanish, on the other hand, the word for my depends on whether the noun is singular ("one thing") or plural ("more than one"):

  • if the following word is singular, then the Spanish word for my is mi;
  • if it is plural, then the word is mis.

For example:

mi libro
my book
mis libros
my books
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Notice that the word for my doesn't depend on gender (whether the word is "el" or "la"). So for example, the words escuela and hermana are feminine, but mi and mis are still used with them:

mi escuela
my school
mis hermanas
my sisters
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